NanoBiotechnology Department



Nanobiotechnology Department (formerly known as Pilot Biotechnology Department) was
established in 1996.
 The goals of the department are as follows:
 Development/ optimization of the processes for the production of pharmaceutical raw
materials (biologic/ non-biologic) through fermentation and cell culture (plants/ animals),
from laboratory to pilot scale.
• Modification/ engineering (in vivo/ in vitro) of therapeutic/ preventive- diagnostic
proteins in order to improve their physico- chemical and pharmacokinetics properties.
 Development of immunosensor/ protein arrays for the detection and identification of
infectious/ non-infectious agents.
 Treatment of infectious/ non-infectious disease by cold plasma jet.
• Developing (through synthesis) nano- vehicles for site specific delivery of drugs in order
to treat/ prevent the infectious/ non- infectious diseases.
The department welcomes projects on the basis of collaborative contract research with the other
R& D centers.

Projects are defined according to the following aspects:
 Synthesis and production of coated and uncoated nanoparticles
 Synthesis and production of quantum dots
 Targeted drug delivery
 Production of pegylated, liposomal nanomedicines and evaluation of their effects
• Plant cell suspension culture and plant secondary metabolites production
• Protein engineering

Ongoing Projects:
• Construction of Piezoelectric immunosensor for diagnosis of hepatitis B antigen
 Conjugation of Heparin to collagen type I
 Study of surface modification of material by cold plasma jet
 Design and cloning of full length and truncated recombinant forms of SeHAS
(S.equisimilis Hyaluronan synthase) and evaluation of in vitro enzymatic synthesis of
hyaluronan oligo- and polysaccharides
 Production and optimization of culture condition of hyaluronic acid from an Iranian
isolate of S.equisimilis group G
 Construction, expression and characterization of wild and mutant forms of S1 subunit of
pertusiss toxin in E. coli
 Design of Dual-Like Peptides to Form Spherical Structures as a Basis for Virus Like

Future Activities:

 Technical development of the above projects



Image Name Degree Position
  Dariush Norouzian Ph.D in Biochemistry Head of the Department- Professor
  Ali Farhangi PhD in Bioinformatics Faculty member
  Mohammad Reza Mehrabi Professional Doctor of Pharmacy Faculty member
  Mohsen Chiani PhD in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Faculty member
  Mohammad Atyabi Ph.D in Biophysics Assistant Professor

Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Assistant Professor

  Haleh Bakhshandeh Abkenar Ph.D in Pharmacy Faculty member
  Malihe Keramati Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Assistant Professor