Department of Cell Bank


National Cell Bank of Iran (NCBI) was established in 1993 at Pasteur Institute of Iran in order to provide the required human and animal cell lines to research centers and universities. This will help to develop cellular and molecular sciences and promote biotechnology.

Activities in progress

  • Centralized procurement and maintenance of animal cell lines.
  • Cell line production in the country.
  • Quality control and identification of stored cells.
  • Meeting the needs of research centers and universities for cell.
  • Legal registry of cells produced within the country.
  • Providing scientific advice to national research centers.
  • Research projects to produce cell lines.
  • Determination of characteristics of produced cells used in various research projects, including tissue engineering.

Future activities

  • Improving collections of hybridoma ad cell lines.
  • Preparation of collection of immortalized cell lines of patients with various genetic disorders.
  • Isolation and identification of valuable cells from various tissues of Iranian human and animal (cancerous and normal).
  • Research studies in various fields of tissue engineering.
  • Checking the compatibility of biomaterials, biocomposites,biocement, plant extracts and new drugs.
  • Cooperation in the production of biocompatible scaffolds such as production of synthetic tissues (Vessel, Bone & cartilage, gingiva and skin).


Cell Line Collections

  • General Cell Collection
  • Hybridoma Collection
  • HLA Defined Collection
  • Human Genetic Disorders Collection


Image Name Degree Position
Mehdi Farokhi

PhD in Tissue Engineering






Head of the  Department- Assistant Professor
Mohammad Ali Shokrgozar PhD in Biological Products Professor
  Noushin Haghighipour PhD in Biomechanics Medical Engineering professor
   Mahdi Habibianbouhi  PhD in Pharmaceutical biotechnology  Assistant Professor

Shahin Bonakdar


PhD in Biomaterials Assistant Professor