Molecular Biology Department


Molecular Biology Department was founded in 1990 to institutionalize the knowledge of molecular methods, to set up genetic engineering modern methods and manufacture products of genetic engineering.

Activities in Progress

  • To develop the necessary infrastructure in order to use prokaryote and eukaryote systems to express recombinant proteins for diagnosis and treatment and offer technical knowledge in this regard
  • To develop the infrastructures for In Silico studies and to use it in design of bacterial vaccines
  • To produce recombinant proteins in plant
  • To hold theoretical and practical workshops in the field of "how to identify reproductive diarrheal strains on the basis of classic and molecular method" and to improve the knowledge of health and laboratory practitioners

Future Activities

  • To standardize protocols and technical knowledge in design of bacterial vaccines
  • To research and develop technical expertise for production of multiple vaccines
  • To develop and promote technical knowledge in the field of recombinant proteins and expression in plants.
  • To design and produce molecular microbial diagnostic kits.
  • To develop and acquire technical expertise and in vitro manufacturing of therapeutic products
  • To offer diagnostic guidelines in cancer diagnosis



Image Name Degree Position
Dr.Nader Shahrokhi PhD in Biological Products

Head of Department-

Assistant Professor


  Dr. Saeid Bouzari PhD in Medical Microbiology Professor
Dr. Mana Oloumi PhD in Biological Products  Professor
  Dr. Parastoo Ehsani PhD in Biological Products Assistant Professor
  Dr. Mohammad Pouya   Assistant Professor
  Dr. mohammad reza Asadi Karam   Assistant Professor
  Dr. Amir Dashti   Assistant Professor