Public Relations office



Public Relations of the Pasteur Institute of Iran is a pioneer in linking internal and external centers of research, production and training. It also organizes press and media, conferences, exhibitions, visits and protocols relating to national and international missions, banquets.
Public Relations of Pasteur Institute of Iran accomplishes the following activities

 in line with the above-mentioned objectives:1.
Publication of monthly internal newsletter (GAP).

2. To arrange conferences and banquets.
3. Participation of exhibitions and setting up booths at international and national exhibitions.
4. To reflect achievements of research and production to media.
5. Publication of brochures and booklets.
6. To arrange for the reservation of health forums.
7. To book hotels and tickets.
8. Coordination of the scientific meetings of Pasteur in institute of Iran.
9. To mail medical bulletin to faculty and researchers.
10. To update the website of Pasteur Institute (
11. Audiovisual services.
12. Related technical assistance to the other departments.