Clinical Research Department



  The main goal of this department is clinical and applied research on infectious diseases and cancers. Most of the research of this department is based on epidemiological and genetic aspects of infectious diseases and cancers in Iran and is also active in education and providing specialized services.
This group has the following laboratories:


  1. Clinical and Research Laboratory
  2. Electron Microscopy Laboratory
  3. Pathology Laboratory



    Activities in progress 


  •  Direct-acting Antivirals (DAA) Resistance-associated Variants in Treatment-naïve HCV/HIV Co-infected and HCV Infected Patients
  • Frequency of occult hepatitis B virus infection among HBV-vaccinated individuals according to national vaccination protocol
  • Seroepidemiological study of HBV infection and vaccine escape mutants among individuals vaccinated with HBV vaccine (according to EPI protocol): 22 years after vaccination
  • Investigation of the seroepidemiology, prevalence and viral load of human parvovirus B19 virus in blood donors in Tehran
  • Assessing the necessity and timing of HPV vaccination based on  seroepidemiology of human papillomavirus 16 and 18 in general population in Tehran
  • The role of Herpes Simplex virus Type-2 infection in outcome of HIV-1 infected patients
  • Study of occult hepatitis B virus infection and its vaccine escape mutants in HIV positive patients vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine
  • Prevalence of occult Hepatitis C virus infection in kidney transplantation candidates in Iran
  • Comparing efficacy of two strategies of HBV vaccination in HIV infected patients 



Future Activities 



  • Research on Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases
  • Research on the epidemiology of infectious agents in causing malignancies
  • To conduct research in line with health needs


  Department activities


    The Department also cooperates in academic and administrative organization of several conferences throughout the year.

Image Name of Faculty Member Degree Position



Dr. Ali Eslami far


MD.Anatomical & Clinical Pathologist

Head of the Department- Assistant Professor



Dr.Naghmeh Hadidi

Ph.D.of Pharmaceutics

Associate Professor