Microbiology Department


Microbiology is one of the main activities of Pasteur Institute of Iran since its establishment. The Microbiology Department was set up in 1953 and is one of the oldest departments of the Institute. The Microbiology Department is currently is working in very close collaboration with the Ministry of Health in its administrative and research goals.

The department is active in the field of medical microbiology especially in diagnosis, research and education.It comprises of several specialized laboratories such as Enterobacteriaceae, Food and Water, Anaerobic Bacteria, (Whooping cough, Diphtheria) and Bacterial Genetics. They are well-equipped and very active and regarded as one of the most specialized microbiology labs in Iran.

Activities in progress

  1. Collaboration with the Center for Disease Management of Ministry of Health.
  2. National reference laboratory in diagnosis of botulism, whooping cough and diphtheria.
  3. To set diagnostic criteria and standards in the field of microbial contamination of water, fertilizer and compost.
  4. Specialized tests for diseases such as cholera, anthrax, Malta fever and Legionella.
  5. Identification of emerging and reemerging infectious agents.
  6. Specialized tests to evaluate groundwater and surface water quality in different regions of Iran.
  7. Constant cooperation with companies and industrial centers in the field of quality control and anti-bacterial aspect of the products.
  8. To provide training to MSc students in microbiology and Ph.D. in medical bacteriology, training courses and graduates of various disciplines of medical sciences.
  9. To provide support for research projects in the field of medical microbiology, molecular biology and antibacterial resistance.
  10. To launch Microbial Collection of Iran.
  11. Preparation of microbial products, Listeria antigen preparation, Auto Vaccine and preparation of bacterial DNA


Image Name Degree Position

Mohammad Mehdi Aslani

 PhD in Bacteriology  Head of Department- Professor
    Fereshteh Shahcheraghi  PhD in Bacteriology Professor
   Mohammad Reza Pourshafie  PhD in Microbiology  Professor
  Seyed Fazlollah Mousavi 
 PhD in Immunology   Associate Professor
   Farzad Badmasti

Ph.D. in Medical Bacteriology 


Associate Professor
Mahdi Rohani

Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology


Associate Professor