Physiology and Pharmacology Department


Physiology and Pharmacology Department was established in 1995 to discover new medical molecules for treatment of incurable neurological diseases including epilepsy and Alzheimer. It consists of 6 laboratories: Pharmacology Research, Instrumental Analysis, Physiology Research, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cellular and Molecular Research and the Electrophysiology research.

Activities in progress

  1. Ongoing research to identify pathophysiology of epilepsy, cancer and Alzheimer.
  2. Discovery of new medicinal molecules for treatment of these diseases.

Future activities

  1. Drug design and discovery of new molecules for prevention and treatment of common diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer.
  2. Development of new animal models in order to increase recognition, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases

    Image Name Degree Position












    Dr. Mohammad Sayyah








    PhD in Pharmacology




    Head of Department, Professor







    Dr. Mona Salimi




    PhD in Medicinal Chemistry













    Hamid Gholami Pourbadie



    Post Doctoral



    Assistant Professor