Curriculum Vitae


Personal Information:


  1. First name and last name: Mona Salimi
  2. Language: Persian, English, French
  3. Mailing Address: Physiology & Pharmacology Department, Pasteur institute of Iran, Tehran, Iran
  4. Tel-fax: 98 21 64112264
  5. E-mail:     or





  1. High school Diploma (Experimental Science), Ershad High School, Tehran,


  1. Pharm.D. Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, (1993-1998).
  2. Ph.D. Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (1999-2005).
  3. Postdoc at Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Alberta, Canada ( 2003-2004).
  4. Faculty member in Pasteur Institute (2006).



Honor and Awards:


  1. Top student in board exam in Ph.D. (2001).
  2. As one of the 3 top students in Pharm.D. (1998).
  3. Awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (2003).




  1. Teaching instrumental analysis, electrochemistry, protein chemistry, pharmacology, and molecular biology courses in cancer field to Ph.D. students of medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology of Pasteur Institute of Iran and Tehran University of Medical Sciences.


Position and occupation:


  1. Faculty member of Pasteur Institute of Iran (Assistant Professor: 2006-2015; Associate Professor: 2016-2021; Professor: since 2021).
  2. Head of Parental Solution Department, Research & Production Complex, Pasteur Institute of Iran (2010-2011).
  3. Supervision of Ph.D. , Pharm.D. and M. Sc. students since 2006.





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