How can you help

Although the Pasteur Institute of Iran is financially supported by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it still needs additional financial and scientific support from private donors to expand its advanced research capabilities beyond the routine activities identified and targeted by the I.R.I.Any private support received will help with planning and conductingadvanced research projects and innovations.

Specifically, we need your help or investment in the following areas:


  • Advanced research and production of new generation of vaccines for major disease/infections like Rotavirus, Poliomyelitis, Pneumococcal infections, Human Rabies, and so on.
  • Development, improvement and testing of new and advanced methods for rapid laboratory identification ofinfectious diseases.
  • Transfer of advanced technology for developing and maintaining production lines and quality control for recombinant drugs especially human vaccines.
  • Organization of advanced and targeted professional short courses in topics such as manufacturing, quality control, critical systems and laboratory animals science
  • Establish and expand collaborationwith international institutions for contractual production or mutual investmentand production with biological products.
  • Increase in theexport of biological products like injectable solutions, human vaccines and anti-cancer drugs at various stages of preparation.