Manufacturing Activities

The Pasteur Institute of Iran is actively manufacturing the following products:


  • Recombinant Erythropoietin, Recombinant interferon α-2b, Recombinant streptokinase, Recombinant hepatitis B vaccine, Pure water at industrial scale, Activated pharmaceutic substance, Formulation of recombinant products, Liquid and lyophilized aseptic vaccines, Lyophilized B.C.G vaccine, Concentrated intravesical B.C.G liquid, B.C.G solvent, AIDS identification kit, Recombinant glycoprotein of Leishmania major, Injectable solution in low and high volume, BHK virus seed vaccine, Rhabdovirus cell culture, Various kinds of Widaltest antigen, Rose Bengal antigen and Brucella abortus antibody
  • Production of both outbred and inbred laboratory animals such as white mouse, white rat, hamster, guinea pig, and rabbit, as well as serum, and organs of laboratory animals for research
  • Preparation ofvarious mediums for cell and microbial cultures, as well as solutions for vaccine production.