MATI Regional Meeting- Pasteur Institue of Iran- Tehran


Pasteur Institute of Iran intends to organize the MATI Regional meeting (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Iran and France) on 7-9 November (2016) in Tehran
This meeting comprises of 4 Panels:
1.      Tuberculosis with emphasis on controlling T.B, research on T.B, sharing experiences on controlling T.B & Rapid diagnostic test development.
2.      Leishmania & Leishmaniasis
3.      Venom and drug development.
4.      Technology transfer for production of vaccine and diagnostic kits.
The main outcome of meeting shall be exchange of experience and knowledge as well as transfer of technology between the participating Institutes.

MATI Regional Meeting

7-9 NOVEMBER 2016

Pasteur Institue of Iran- Tehran


"Public Relations and International Affairs office"